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Pełna wersja: The Golden Age Of Pop Music, 1965-1975
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..Can anyone dispute that the most happening, and influential decade of pop music occured between 1965, and 1975?
...Just think of all the things that were happening during that time. Motown, Memphis, Rockabilly, Philly, Jazz-Rock, The British Invasion, Acid-Rock,etc.,etc.,
...It was the beginning of mass cross-over. Not only is music from that period the most influential on today's music, but Stars from that period are still filling stadiums.
...So how about it ...you want to testify or dispute me?

...BTW, the reason I started with '65, is because that was the year, the Beatles,Aretha, The temps, and Supremes exploded on the scene. I ended in '75, because that was when Disco happened.

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